The View From My Wheelchair – Faith Over Fear and how to not Fear When You Don't Have Faith

My lifelong friend Frank Reed and his wife Patti Pilkington Reed, recently did a Facebook "live" segment about putting Faith Over Fear. Frank has America's largest audience in Christian Radio as the morning show host on 94.9 KLTY, the number one radio station in the Dallas metroplex. I hardly recognized him without his Flip-Flop's on. Over 40 years ago, you'd find us playing radio DJ's on Miami Beach. I love that guy.

He and Patti shared their feelings about how they are dealing with their response to the Covid19 outbreak, and their daughter leaving the nest to live in NYC. They shared a beautiful devotion about how they are leaning on their Faith to help control fear and concern with her so far away. Frank and Patti prayed for the nearly 2,000 people who tuned in to watch. It was good. But, what happens when you don't have religion, how do you control fear?

I earlier blogged about how it was Mr. Spock's fault I abandoned religion years ago; the whole thing didn't seem logical. In my quest to understand why I still feel a deep feeling of spirituality; unconditional love and compassion; why tears flow watching "feel good" stories on the news; why I tear up for the National Anthem; why I'm insistent on contributing to charities; and why I love finding unique people to play "Secret Santa" with every holiday season, I Googled "spirituality without religion" and happened upon a man named, Sam Harris. He has some featured videos I've studied and he has published some books. His explanation of how thoughts come to us in uncontrolled rapid-fire and how meditation helps focus on the silence between thoughts, opened me to the art. Scroll down the list of other videos and you'll find one about "breaking the spell of negative emotions."

The information learned helped me better understand the complexity of "spirituality without religion" and how basic brain science figures in the equation. Meditation is a way of controlling your experience, regardless of what's happening, you can learn to control your "fear."

I hope it's ok with Frank that I attached these two stories. At this time in our history, there should be no colors and no religious divides, we are one human race needing to rely on each other, regardless. It's within him and his wife to try to calm the "fear" waters for believers. I'm lookin' out for us other guys.

Frank and I used to play radio in Miami with Eric Rhoads way back in the '70s. Eric is behind the Plein Air painting conventions happening around America as he encourages people to find their inner artist. He has a weekly blog that's read by over a quarter of a million people. He too has some calming thoughts on "fear." I encourage you to read "Sunday Coffee with Eric Rhoads." Don't forget to hop on Frank's page and watch him and Patti.

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