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My personal concoction of distractions to control fear and stress, exacerbated by my Multiple Sclerosis, has kept me away from the paralyzing onslaught of misinformation available from various people concerning the COVID-19 outbreak, whichever your chosen tribe. The Facebook “Live” feature I began a couple of weeks back, “One Cocktail With Kid”, has served well to occupy my mind throughout the day as I look for different things to share during my diatribe.

My daily activities are always a topic and now that we’re dealing with this new America, I’ve realized they are vastly different. One month ago, I’d be off to physical therapy a few times a week, have lunch or dinner with the wife a couple of times, get a haircut or take some trips to Whole Foods, and Starbucks. Those have now been replaced. I now do home exercises; small weights and resistance bands and time on my New Step recumbent bike for cardio. My sixteen-year-old uses her skills as a horse groomer to cut my hair. Because of my compromised immune system, my wife stopped allowing me to assist at the grocery store last week. And I get an occasional Starbucks, she sits behind the driver's seat and collects our order at the drive-through so I don’t touch anything, we go home and she pours the coffee in my personal mug so I have NO contact with the paper cup. In a nutshell, that’s pretty much my own personal existence at this time.

My world has shrunk but I refuse to shrink my brain, which is another topic on “One Cocktail...” At this moment in our personal development, it’s incumbent to feed the brain with purpose and stimulating thoughts that will overcome the uncontrollable negativity surrounding current events. Daily, I encourage listeners to: make their bed, read a book, learn to write, knit, or fold Origami. You can even learn to paint, learn to code, speak a new language, take better pictures, record that podcast, learn “public speaking” (without freaking out), and gain culinary skills. Hell, you can even learn how to “ethically” hack, all for free, just hop on the Google machine.

Brain control, too – it’s an exercise and you can learn how with meditation. There are a variety of books and videos available. I found help with author Sam Harris but again, hop on the Google machine and decide what works for you. Commit, you have plenty of time.

If meditation doesn’t fit in your battle with fear and stress, I point viewers to my friend, Frank Reed, who has the largest Christian radio audience in America on 949/KLTY Dallas. Whatever it takes to stop the barrage of dastardly minutiae from something none of us can control.

The World Health Organization has suggested watching only ONE newscast a day to lessen the hail of negative information being ingested by the brain. I embolden people to watch only local news, in the morning and afternoon. Being up to date on the situation in our neighborhood and region is all I require; no need to know what’s happening nationally, those numbers have nothing to do with our situation. They inflame and you can only worry about so much. My daily, “One Cocktail With Kid” ends with me monitoring social media to make note of encouraging posts seen throughout the day made by; friends, former colleagues, high school buds, Multiple Sclerosis patients and strangers. I make note of the many DJ Mixers who are entertaining fans with mixing from all genres: Hip Hop, Freestyle, Reggaeton, Cubaton, House, Classic Disco, Old School, and “new” dance tracks. I’ve announced that all DJ mixers are required to put up a PayPal “tip jar”. Club goers should remember, mixing in the club is the only source of income for most of these performers; if they’re puttin’ out, viewers should put up.

As I sit in front of the camera and hold my daily court, I’ve never actually finished a cocktail, I only get about halfway before my time is up. But what’s happened is hundreds of people have joined in to spend a few moments getting lost in my screed about how to force positivity and battle fear. I intend to extort past our current position and focus on what’s to come. See you tonight at 5 pm mountain time for, “One Cocktail With Kid.” Until next time, Peace

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