The View From MY Wheelchair – “One Cocktail..." Ok, I Miss It.

The final Facebook “Live” broadcast known as “One Cocktail With Kid," ended on a Monday. On Tuesday, Miami’s Mark Lynch, the official timekeeper for “One Cocktail,” posed a question on Facebook asking if I missed it. No, I didn’t. Well, not Tuesday. Maybe I did a little on Wednesday and Thursday. Then, came Friday.

As mentioned repeatedly during the show, the feature took up most of my day and worked perfectly as a distraction from the emotional pressures at the beginning of the American response to the current Pandemic. During my daily constitutional (?), normally scheduled moments after awakening, I’d start by reading the limited list of who I consider to be truth-tellers of journalism and would begin forwarding stories to my email box for future study. Next, the search for Pandemic related Facebook “funny” posts, posted by people I follow. In the beginning, the humor was rampant, and it seemed self-quarantine was weirdly exciting as we began our personal hibernations.

Next, I’d wake up the wifey to begin her day of work as a business and real estate consultant. We’d drink our morning coffee, eat a good breakfast and because she’s my caregiver, she’s in charge of my Multiple Sclerosis medicine injections. Three days a week, I get poked with a needle before 8 am mountain (10 am eastern, for Mark).

Daily show prep would continue with my normal routine. My love of the Dan Lebatard show on ESPN news was (always is) a go-to for sports information and humor, although at this moment in time, there are no sports, but still plenty of humor. Lebatard and crew have strategically devised a show that sways from sports to nonsensical fodder and I love it. I’ll admit, it’s still a Miami thing because living in Miami was “Barry Barry Gibb for me” (get it) and the show puts me in my second hometown. Dan Lebatard is a very smart and entertaining son of an immigrant (pardon the editorial comment).

As the clock moved toward 10 am (12 pm eastern), I’d spend a couple of hours growing my brain, reading, writing, and learning, which was an original mission of “One Cocktail With Kid.” I kept my daily appointment with one of my man-crushes, Eric Roades. My former co-worker, friend, and businessman, has been on Facebook “Live” every day since the beginning of the National lockdown, promoting the passion of his life, painting. The instruction of, the promotion of artists and sales of finished work were his daily topics. My appreciation for art has increased since watching Eric over the past few months. I now spend time on the Louvre’ website, taking their virtual Gallery tours which are mesmerizing. I did the same with the National Gallery of Art, in Washington, D.C. At noon (mountain, 2 pm eastern), my thoughts would turn from “One Cocktail” show prep to getting lunch for my wife, because her job allows her to work from home and I’m the house chef.

A lunch smoothie for me, crafted with nutrients and love then back in my office from 1 till 2 pm (3 till 4 pm eastern) with a yellow notepad to begin making notes of topics and people I wanted to refer to during the show. I’d spend some of that hour with the channel changer in hand, surfing at full force to find any current events to discuss. At 3 pm (5 pm eastern). I’d then head to our bedroom and adjust my wheelchair with legs and chairback fully extended and take a nap. An alarm would awaken me at 4 pm (6p eastern). I’d wash my face, clean my glasses, and pour my (most times fake) cocktail and be back in the office for final show prep.

The only thing that would change my pattern would be if I was having a guest, there’d be some scheduling and research involved. Other than that, that was my daily prep for “One Cocktail With Kid.” It distracted me and I was excited to perform every day. However, I was pained when my performance was less than my idea of exemplary. Because I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis, my concentration level can waver, and I often have trouble locating the correct word. I don’t perform at the level of my past but the excitement of my daily performance was exhilarating.

The Friday before my final appearance, my wife had purchased a blood pressure monitor because of a minor situation her doctor wanted to investigate. Most of the medical equipment in this house is for my use so I gleefully put the monitor around my wrist an hour before the Friday night “One Cocktail.” My blood pressure was 150 over 90. I checked again, the same thing. After the show, the same thing.

Before and after the final broadcast on Monday, the pressure read about the same.

On Tuesday, the Mark Lynch Facebook post appeared asking if I missed my daily soirée and at that time, I did not. But, as days went by, I began feeling a little anxious and because I was a radio performer for 33 years and had not been able to perform since 2005, I wondered if I was missing “One Cocktail With Kid”.

On Friday afternoon, the first Friday in over 8 weeks since beginning the feature that distracted me during this current Pandemic, and 4 days after the final broadcast, my blood pressure registered a very low and normal, 122 over 77.

When I was first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in ‘05, neurologist Dr. Lita Calagua insisted the 33 years of performance stress may well have contributed to the flare-up of this chronic disease in my body. In my memoir, Come Get Me Mother, I’m Through, I write about the unknown, physical malfunctions under extreme stress. If you’re up on the topic, this reads absolute truth.

Lesions on the brain and spine due to MS, repaired aneurysms because of life and high blood pressure are probably something my wife would prefer I stay away from. But, I will take the whole “One Cocktail With Kid” experience as another positive step in the life-long rehab and therapy which is the life of Kim “Kid” Curry, after my diagnosis.

Long ago, I’d lost the confidence to perform in the art that’s been in my blood since my ‘Newsguy” dad volunteered me for my first radio job. When I did radio, the creative performance was encouraged. I did it on my own radio show and was personally involved in creating one of the best Rhythmic/Top 40 radio stations in Miami, Florida. “One Cocktail With Kid” began as a distraction from ugly current events and a time to gather with friends from all over the world. It ended with giving me the confidence that I can still perform, although not to my standards, but it gives me more to work on. Maybe the best way is for me to not plan things, simply decide there’s something I want to discuss and jump on Facebook “Live” for an occasional “View From My Wheelchair.” My biggest concern would then be giving Mark Lynch enough time to transpose mountain time into eastern time... :)

Again, thanks to all for playing along. By the end, the Facebook Pandemic “funnies” disappeared from your streams, just sayin’.

Until next time,

Peace, wash your hands, and wear a mask.

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