The View From My Wheelchair – Jackie got mooned by Joe Walsh!

My personal distraction from the horrible pandemic, “One Cocktail With Kid,” has turned out to be one of the craziest and most impactful things I’ve ever done for myself. To imagine I would get on Facebook Live and talk about the positive things I’m doing to grow my mind while self-distancing, focusing on the good deeds of others, and calling on random friends from my past to share their stories too, has been overwhelmingly therapeutic and quite heartening. And, for it to be viewed by thousands is unimaginable to me. Why would a former midday guy on my first Tip-40 radio station agree to sit down and get caught up when we hadn’t spoken in 40 years? Why would a guy from San Antonio be interested in talking to me about his internet podcast? What would cause a guy with the largest listening audience in Christian radio to want to talk? What about my writing coach, what would make her agree to appear on a totally abstract, “fake”, talk show? Why did my friend, who’s pledged to teach 1-million people the art of painting, agree to play along? Why did an assistant want to talk about our former boss who fired her for not cooking a turkey? What about the woman who worked after Howard Stern on K-Rock radio in New York and went on to become a successful published author, what would make her find time to sit and chat, and a former colleague who was on the HUGELY famous Latin TV show, Sabado Gigante, why did she make time? I believe it’s because everyone is looking for a pause from the negativity of this global event and all of the above realize the value in personal communication and how sharing stories can be comforting, especially in these times. So far, we’ve learned how Hector ‘s love of being a radio broadcaster spawned one of America’s first “live” internet podcasts, Kerrie shared how she writes magazine articles to get paid and Frank told us how he uses his faith to calm others' fears. We learned Ramjet, who was obsessed with broadcasting, was just a working radio transmitter away from having an actual radio station after building a homemade control studio in his living room. Eric reviewed how his wife’s birthday present was just one of a few inexplicable occurrences that steered him toward a deep need to learn painting. Now, he’s determined to teach 1-million people to learn. Robert W. told us how the commitment and dedication of a longtime friendship with Emilio Estefan helped in the collaboration of some of Gloria Estefan’s finest works. Jackie’s uproarious story about being mooned by her morning show partner, the legendary guitarist Joe Walsh, is one that I won’t soon forget, but it is burned in her memory. Maty told us about her extraordinary time on the most famous talk and entertainment TV show in the history of Spanish broadcasting, arguably in all of broadcasting, Sabado Gigante’. And, she shared about the sensitivity and intensity of the only host of the show that spanned an unmatched 52 years, señor Don Francisco. It was captivating. My friends are very gracious for playing along. My hope is to end my “One Cocktail with Kid,” feature when America is officially back to work, or whenever I run out of friends who’ll join me.

However, the popularity of the feature has encouraged others to offer their time if I’m interested. Ah, what the hell, we all got nuthin’ goin’ on. But, I gotta consider changing the name of the feature. I can’t have a cocktail every day, Dr.’s (wife’s) orders!

Catch these episodes I mention and follow along for others on my Facebook page at Until next time, Jackie got mooned by Joe Walsh! Wash your hands and wear a mask

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