The View From My Wheelchair – New America

If I hear one more person profess, “In my 35 years, I’ve never seen it this bad..." I’m going to… (______) (you decide, too many to choose from and I couldn’t). Never has America been on such a level playing field with all fearing an unknown future. A pandemic virus with everyone wondering when or if it could affect those we love, the majority are unemployed, millions have rent or a mortgage due with little or no savings backup, others have lost retirement monies. Some can’t be with the ones they love because they’re stuck in their homes, uncertainty reigns. Heads of households, how are you dealing with it? Are you acting like a leader? Are you showing fear? Do you have a current day play for your family and are you preparing them for this "New America"?

Regardless of my physical disability due to Multiple Sclerosis, I’m the head of our household and my demeanor sets the tone here. I struggled in the beginning of this crisis as it became clear the situation was not being handled as I, and many would have preferred, but we are dealing with uncharted waters. In order to help me deal with everything COVID-19, I needed to plot a clear path for our family’s approach and do our part in this never-before position no American has ever experienced.

We’re now adamant about washing hands, wearing masks, social distancing, and staying home. “Temporarily quarantined” does not mean it’s weekend party time or a National Holiday, we will not turn off our brains. We’re reading more, writing about our new “life” experiences, taking virtual online tours, even dabbling in painting. In addition, I’m beginning to focus on what America will become when this is all over when we’ve “flattened the curve” on our way to a vaccine that will control the novel Coronavirus.

First – two things I’d like to address are a bit lighthearted. I was in high school during the first Earth Day in 1972. Probably every day of my life since, I rue the wasted water that flows while waiting for it to get hot. WATER IS THE MOST PRECIOUS RESOURCE ON THE PLANET and saving as much as possible should be mandated and the science is here. Could we please save water and decree the Renai instant hot water style heater for every home in America?

Next for our "New America," I’d like to address is this toilet paper hoarding. TP seems to be as important as food but we aren't stressing at my house. We own a very well designed and functional Bidet and the phrase, “So clean you can eat off it” may be a bit forward (I’m laughing) so let’s save the trees and MANDATE the Toto Washlet Bidet. I’ll be serious now. Society has normalized the acceptance of hate, racism, greed, inequality, and opulence. We’re exhausted, enraged, disconnected and confused. Some vote, others don’t or won’t. Some judge over religions, some don’t. Every point I’ve mentioned is fixable. We can stop hate, racism, greed, inequality, and opulence. We can stop being exhausted, enraged, disconnected and confused. We can legislate voting and be accepting of all religions. We can stop draining the planet of what we need to survive as a species, but we have to start now.

Begin your life in "New America" by going out of your way to be kind to someone. Your face should be behind your newly recommended mask which means you’ll need to use your voice. When you’re out in public (with social distance), you’ll need to say; "good morning," "hello friend," and "hope you’re well." When you shop, thank workers for stocking shelves and cashiers for coming to work. Smile when you see a healthcare worker or law enforcement officer. Compassion and empathy for others works both ways, you feel good giving it and you feel good getting it. The more you practice, the easier it gets. Teach your children, this is the way of your family and never let up. Kindness is the first step to stop hate and racism. Greed, inequality, and opulence can end when you get up and vote, there needs to be a defining change in the involvement in our political process at this critical junction in the "New America."

Attention citizens from the age of 40 on down, you’re living the life handed to you by your parents and grandparents. The disregard of the condition of the planet, the lack of healthcare, low wages, the dismal job market, financial security, the housing crisis, inequality, bad trade deals, and the National debt are all a product of your elders voting and you not. CHANGE MUST HAPPEN NOW and you’re being given a once in an American lifetime chance to begin the change for a better America. The question is: are you going to "seize the day" and grab this ONE TIME opportunity to create a "New America?" As the head of your household, make changes and strive to show strength, confidence, and assurance that this time in history will be short. When it is over, your family will collectively be showing more compassion and empathy. My dream is that 18-40 years olds would all wake up and realize their chance to begin creating "New America" is just a few months away. Get registered to vote, then get a friend registered because as Eminem says, “YOU ONLY GET ONE SHOT, DO NOT MISS THIS CHANCE TO BLOW. THIS OPPORTUNITY COMES ONCE IN A LIFETIME!!!" Until next time, Wear a mask and wash your hands!

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