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Updated: Jan 29, 2020

For 8 years, Multiple Sclerosis had it’s way with me, lesions on my brain and spine, loss of feeling in my legs as they slowly became useless, severe body cramping, vision loss, loss of bowel control, vertigo, memory lapses and endless nights with eyes wide open, worrying about my wife and wondering if I was on the slow path to death. It was at my doctor’s insistence that I try a different MS medication and start taking massive doses of Vitamin D. This inexplicably slowed the attack on my body. But, the damage from the previous 8 years, had already been done and what’s broken remains broken; legs don’t work, body still seizes, vision remains blurry, bowels questionable and I’m often dizzy, but the slow drip-drip of wondering how long before my body would stop working, finally took a pause. I’ve been rehabbing my body since being diagnosed, I can now begin the repair of my brain. The doctor says the writing of my personal memoir Come Get Me Mother I'm Through was perfect therapy to begin rewiring some of the damage to my gray matter. The Blog and more book writing are now a vital part of my continued fight to control MS.

That’s why I’m starting to Blog. Multiple Sclerosis puts me in an exclusive club of about one million people (even more are walking around undiagnosed) and Social Media helps me connect with many of those people. I can always identify the newbies when they ask questions about the loss of bowel control, dental issues, spinal taps, why they’re losing their voice, vertigo, uncontrollable hand shaking and numbness in the legs, problems being diagnosed and acquiring health insurance and, “Could I really die from Multiple Sclerosis?”

This Blog will try to encourage those newbies by reminding them of the unimaginable scientific strides in the battle to fight this disease, I’ll point them to articles and publications that could better inform them in the battle against Multiple Sclerosis, and even though there is no cure for this disease, there is hope. I’m a perfect example of that hope. It doesn’t work like this for everyone, but my MS doctor did his research, convinced me that a medicine change and heavy intake of a simple Vitamin could slow the progress of my MS and, as of now, my condition is not progressing. I’m looking forward to sharing.

I’ll Blog about things going on in my life, too.

New Years' Eve 2019,  my wife and I tuned into CNN as the clock counted, 2..1..and, the Ball Dropped. Then, we heard Guy Lombardo from 1946, Frank Sinatra from 1979, Louis Armstrong from 1967 and the 2013 Ukulele mixed version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow and the Louis Armstrong song..again. As the TV cameras scanned the crowd from above I realized, those songs are designed to make everyone leave Times Square and go home. Then I wondered, will they be playing those same songs 20 years, 50 years from now? Won’t they eventually have to come up with something else? God, I hope my MS doesn’t come back, I gotta be here to find out how this plays out.

There you go, Blog number one and there’s more soon, but I guarantee being diagnosed with a Chronic Disease has tainted my beliefs over the past 15 years. In the Netflix movie, The Two Popes, there’s a scene with a discussion about the Church being out of touch with reality. One Pope had previously professed civil marriages of the homosexual community “was the Devil’s plan”, but in time had come to realize his misjudgment. The other Pope chastised him for compromising,  “no compromise, I’m changing. It’s a different thing.”

Since the day after my MS diagnosis, I began to change and what's happened to me physically and mentally assures, I no longer compromise, some of my beliefs have changed and will not be sorry if I offend. You can always start your own Blog.


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