The View From My Wheelchair – Audio Edition – The Death of Fairness

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Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. It's the first-ever audio blog at I'm Kim Kidd Curry author of the book, The Death of Fairness. It's a short tale that tells the story of a small American town and its only radio station after President Ronald Reagan rescinded the FCC's Fairness Doctrine in 1987. Now a blog or so ago, I wrote about how that affects you every day. It's those ponderous ads you see: "I'm thinking more clear and remember a lot of things" or "Our pill will help you control your PE." And of course our favorite, "Our pill - Will it help you increase your ability to perform with your lady when it matters?" Now that the Democratic party is desperate to turn the Senate blue in hopes of adding that to the blue house and possibly Joe Biden, Reagan's decision to rescind the doctrine is smacking your face in every TV and radio commercial said. Political lies are being spewed two and sometimes three spots within five minutes in our state.

There's the possibility to turn a red Senate seat blue. We have the race between red Senator, Cory Gardner and blue two-term former governor John Hickenlooper. This is the first term for Cory Gardner from Yuma, Colorado, a very small agricultural town, somewhere in our state — I couldn't tell you where — but he comes across as a nice family man, is perfectly coiffed, salt-and-pepper hair, and a smile that should be accompanied with a date. Every time he smiles. Hey Corey, smile, *ding*! Former governor John Hickenlooper; what can I say? You like Colorado! We like Colorado! Hunting, fishing, biking, hiking, skiing, recreational cannabis. Colorado was number 40 in job creation and Mr. Hickenlooper led our state to the number one economy in the United States. Mr. Hickenlooper is one of a long line of exceptional governors for our state, and he's very popular. So as expected, the Republicans have pulled out every dirty trick in order to stop the very popular former governor of Colorado from taking the seat away from Cory Gardner. Colorado public radio reports that two-thirds of all money coming into our state for each candidate is coming in from out of state.

You can track what state the money's coming from, but you don't know who's putting money in those coffers. That's the way of dark money in politics. The Republican party has come up with over 90 different allegations against John Hickenlooper — over 90 — all but two were found to be valid and according to many newspaper investigations, those two were found to be simple misunderstandings. But you can imagine how these two misunderstandings have been treated by the Republicans. They are using their dark money with way too many commercials. "He got caught taking money from taxpayers to pay his fine." No, wait. Another commercial says, "He took money to pay that fine from a 9/11 fund." Other commercial says "No, it was from taxpayers." "No, it was the 9/11." It's just laughable. Another commercial says he's taken many tours of Europe and a Maserati, luxury private plane trips.

Another spot says he sold positions in his cabinet for big bucks. One ad even has him agreeing to releasing a toxic cloud that enveloped an elementary school. Absolutely no substantiation. And at the end of the commercial, they actually tell you who the people are who've come up with the lies. The Senate Leadership Fund is responsible for this message. Yes, we've lied. We've told you who we are and we expect you to believe us. Cory Gardner is doing commercials repeating those lies. He even has a commercial running where his mother is touting the bill her son supposedly wrote to protect people with preexisting conditions. "Whatever happens to Obamacare," he says. *Ding* The fact checkers at local 9News have done their fact-checking on that commercial and have called it out to be a lie. His poor mother, she's sitting right there. Now it's kind of different with the money coming in to support a governor.

Yes, two-thirds of the money's coming in from out of state. We don't know who's putting money in those pots, but those commercials don't have to make up lies. All they do is report on what Cory Gardner has done with his time in Washington, DC. He's voted 98% of the time with Donald Trump and voted nine times to get rid of preexisting condition coverage. The Fairness Doctrine mandated equal time for contrasting points of view on American broadcast airwaves. So if it were in effect today, these lies that could not be substantiated would not have been transmitted on American airwaves — that's from a transmitter to an antenna. Oh, sure. You'd see these commercials on cable or satellite, but at least the American people would know they had a safe haven where lies would not be broadcast without debate. That's the point. If you're lying, it should be pointed out each time you lie. Then the people can decide based on truth.

The first thing the blue house and blue Senate should do if they end up with a blue president is to bring back The Fairness Doctrine. When you do the research, you see the president who was an entertainment powerhouse, rescind the doctrine when owners of broadcast facilities complained, they were having to give large amounts of free equal time and it was affecting their bottom line. He told the American public that doctrine was antagonistic to the right, given in the first amendment, the right of free speech. You should have the right of free speech, but if you lie, you should be called out. Bring back The Fairness Doctrine. You may wonder how The Fairness Doctrine would work today with America's president, same thing, the president would share his falsehoods for 45 minutes and those with knowledge would be granted 45 minutes to dispel those falsehoods. He can lie only once. Truth would be granted equal time. That's the view from my wheelchair. The Death of Fairness is available at and on Audible. For more check out the website

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