The View From My Wheelchair - Tostones y Maduros

Blame my lack of religious beliefs on those damn Vulcans. Mr. Spock’s profession of logic was repeated every afternoon during Star Trek reruns in my teens and even though Nana had me in the front pew at her Church of Christ since I could walk, logic has brought me to be a “Big Banger.” However, in respect to my Nana, I absolutely acknowledge those who’ve wrapped themselves in the Bible, my mom, sisters, aunts and uncles, former co-workers, friends, neighbors, cashiers, city workers, and the many others I come into contact with daily if you want to “believe” I'm OK with that.

What I am not OK with are those who “believe” and have decided to walk hand in hand, without looking at the world around them, and support, their apparent “chosen one,” the Orange guy, Donald J. Trump.

As a casual outside observer and person who, over decades, passably watched the successes, failures and utterly shameful encounters with humans of said Orange One, it’s been an enigma of where the Bible and Trump coincide. There have been many nights I’ve laid awake since 2016 trying to reconcile it all; culling my contact list and doing my duty as a good son by calling my mother weekly and straying far away from any topic related to politics.

FINALLY, I’m not the only one losing sleep over this. A recent editorial by “Christianity Today’s” Mark Galli’s reeked of what I hoped to be true; not all Jesus people are following President Orange guy in lockstep, highlighting his “grossly immoral character.” or that I say, “Here, Here” or “Damn Straight” or “it’s on Fleek” as the kids say (I think).

And, from the Cuban themed, “Noche Buena” dinner we had with our most favorite church-going family (who joined us AFTER attending Christmas Eve services), they’re not in lockstep either. Concern on their faces and body language were evident as we took up the subject over Lechone, Arroz con frijoles, tostones, and maduros.

This is a smart couple. He’s been in a management position for years, she has multiple degrees. They have three normal kids who’ve been home and public schooled, who are polite, engaging with eye contact, and have been raised in the church. It’s a pretty wholesome American family, struggling with the fact that their church and their fellow parishioners are seemingly all in with Donald Trump.

I saw the concern on her face when she said “it’s scary” hearing fellow churchgoers openly shunning those with opposite views, forgoing long-held church beliefs over a political stance. It’s becoming so uncomfortable, she’s now wondering if she wants to go back.

The primary reason for Christians voting for Trump was because he would work to protect their most basic issues, judicial appointments and advocacy for life, the family, and religious liberty. But if you’re in support of this President for those reasons, you’re in for everything else; child deportation, continued family separation, the loss of SNAP food benefits for 700-thousand citizens (many under 18), the spiraling National Debt, tax changes that benefited the rich and did nothing for the middle class, the failed North Korea policies, the tariff battle with the Chinese, the massive Farm losses, rescinding the Paris Climate Accord, the concern over the Russian effect on our election system, the lack of qualified people in the administration, the budget slashes in the Department of Education, stagnant wages, fake promises of help with gun control and the NRA, the rise of antisemitism, the RIDICULOUS attacks on Windmills, Dishwashers and Light Bulbs and now the threat of war as we toy with a rouge, religious country who’s people shout “Death to America”, forcing American parents to fear if their kids will be killed, maimed or damaged. For what? And, for who?

According to recent Gallup data, half of America professes to be Churchgoers, down from 70 percent since 1999, attendance dwindling to double digits in small churches and even in the very popular, Mega Churches, the numbers continue to slowly fade. The millennial generation is researched to be the least religious group ever. With so many in the Church making the unusual choice to embrace a questionable politician, a person contrary to some long taught believers of the Bible, those numbers will continue to accelerate, as more and more realize, logically, the whole thing just doesn't make sense.

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