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You don’t know what you don’t know...In May of 2005 we experienced a snow globe moment.  That moment when your world gets a shake, a jolt- and when the snow settles the landscape is not the same.  In this memoir, my husband, Kim shares his story with you. A story of a man with a career and life before and after the diagnosis of MS- Multiple Sclerosis.   What came next was a battery of doctor appointments, tests, therapies, EXPENSIVE pharmaceutical drugs, hospital stays, EXPENSIVE adaptive equipment to live a quality of life worth living.  


It’s EXPENSIVE to be disabled- be informed & get involved.  There are approximately 48.9 million disabled Americans- we all know someone that would benefit from our advocacy.  Are you registered to vote? Are the important issues up for conversation? Are we coming together?  


Be the Change you Wish to see in the World- Gandi 

Kim & Elizabeth Curry 


In honor of Dena Brosh 

In honor of Stewart Elliot, The Boy Wonder 

National MS Society